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Herbalife Romania Discounted Products Review

Herbalife products are exclusively sold by independent Herbalife Distributors. These people purchase the products at a discount and then retail them earning a retail profit.

It’s one thing to footnote that distributors may incur additional costs, but it’s quite another to exclude easily quantifiable charges from projections during presentations promoting the economics of a Herbalife business opportunity.

1. Formula 1 Meal Replacer Shake

A delicious healthy meal that balances high quality protein from soya and milk, key nutrients and added botanicals. Enjoy as a healthy snack or a nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to maintain good health and weight control.

When used for weight control: Replacing two daily meals on an energy-restricted diet with Herbalife Formula 1 shakes helps achieve and maintain your goal weight. *

Add a splash of fruit, rolled oats or bran or seeds such as flax, chia or sunflower to the shake mix for added fiber, which promotes a healthy digestive system and provides minerals like zinc and copper.

Herbalife Nutrition offers 14 delicious Formula 1 shake mix flavors, with regional variants to suit local tastes. The company figures its distributor discount using Earn Base instead of Retail Price, which could affect distributor retailing profit.

2. H24 Sports Nutrition

Herbalife24 offers the dynamic nutrition that you need, whether you’re training to run a marathon or just looking to improve your workouts. It’s the line of products used by more than 190 sports teams, athletes and runners.

CR7 Drive sports drink is designed to fuel workouts, improve stamina and boost energy. It contains a 4-carb mix. It also contains potassium and sodium, which hydrates and replenishes your body.

As you and your non-Supervisor downline reach the Senior Consultant level, Herbalife24’s discount scale will increase. Orders purchased at 50% discount count towards Encumbered Volume and Group Volume in order to qualify as a Supervisor. These amounts are deducted from your Earn Base. Then the remainder is added to your Accumulate & Allocate bucket. Herbalife uses these amounts to calculate your primary rewards payout.

3. H21 Nutritional Supplement

Herbalife is a leading provider of nutrition products that are backed by science in more than 90 countries. These include its Formula 1 meal-replacement shakes, teas, nutritional supplements, and protein bars. Its distributors provide one-on-one coaching to customers, inspiring them to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Herbalife imposes numerous fees, including “Logistics” charges, that reduce the income of rank and file distributors, as well as shipping costs that are not reflected in product pricing. These fees, and Herbalife’s failure to disclose these charges during presentations, mislead prospective distributors about the potential profitability of their Herbalife business.

Herbalife’s logistics fees can reduce distributor earnings by as much as 41c per volume point. This would amount to approximately half a billion dollar a year for Herbalife, its top distributors and Herbalife.

4. H24 Tea

Herbalife’s products are scientifically backed and designed with the help of nutrition experts to promote a healthy lifestyle. The company distributes weight loss, nutritional supplement and personal care products worldwide through a network independent distributors.

Herbalife charges “Packaging & Handling Fees” on all distributor invoices. These fees, along with a shipping fee, generate massive profits to the company. Yet the company fails to include these easily quantifiable costs in presentations showcasing the economics of its business opportunity, misleading members and prospective recruits.

H24 begins warm and soft with a woodiness that is reminiscent of rhubarb, but also hints at a dry herbiness. It’s complemented by the cool, powdery freshness of narcissus and the auburn, supple smoothness of rosewood. Nagel adds a note of Sclarene (derived from clary-sage) to the base to give it a steamy feel. This ties the scent back to Hermes’ heritage of craftsmanship.

5. H24 Energy Drink

The Herbalife24 energy drink is an excellent choice for athletes who need extra carbohydrate fuel for the duration of their endurance sessions. It contains 47 g of carefully selected carbohydrates that the body converts into fuel, allowing you to prolong your workout.

Hydrate is a specialized drink mix that helps provide hydration support during physical activity and exercise. It contains a blend essential electrolytes such as sodium potassium and magnesium that helps maintain fluid balance in the body while supporting muscle function.

Herbalife charges distributors a number of fees in addition to its Marketing Fee. These include “Packaging” and shipping charges that add up quickly. These additional charges hide a portion of the Distributor Bonus and generate massive revenue for Herbalife. These fees are the foundation of Herbalife’s Earn Base. Herbalife recently “simplified” its pricing structure to shrink the size of this charge, but did not remove it entirely.

6. H21 Shake Mix

Herbalife offers a wide range of nutrition, weight management, and personal care products. These products are backed by science and made from quality ingredients. The company is present in more than 90 countries and has millions of customers. You can become an Herbalife Member and purchase Herbalife products at a discount for yourself and your family.

It’s one thing to footnote that a distributor might incur extra costs in operating their business (such as home office expenses or gas), but it’s another altogether to fail to estimate these easily quantifiable charges in presentations showcasing the economics of Herbalife’s opportunity. By doing so, Herbalife conceals the true nature of its pricing structure and skews distributor incomes by billions of dollars each year.

7. H21 Protein Bar

This bar was developed with the help from nutrition experts. It is high in protein, and low in sugar. It also has a lot of good-for-you ingredients, including stevia extract and sugar alcohols.

Herbalife, a global weight-management and nutritional supplement company, sells its products through an independent distributor network. Its products include shakes, supplements, and bars, and are based on scientific research. The company has a large global presence and a reputation for quality products. Herbalife, like Isagenix offers a variety of weight loss and nutritional solutions for consumers of any age. Distributors are encouraged to get involved in community events. As a result, Herbalife has close relationships with its local communities. Herbalife, for example, sponsors the Ana and Children Association, which provides daily meals and education to poor children. Herbalife has signed the Direct Selling Association’s code of ethics and is a member.

8. H21 Energy Drink Mix

Herbalife distributors are responsible for their own shipping and packaging costs. In some countries, these charges can amount to more than half of the Retail Price. Herbalife conceals these fees by adding them to a distributor’s Earn Base, and subtracting this figure from the Retail price in order to determine a discount.

The company also hides these fees in its presentations and by failing to disclose important product cost metrics during the recruiting process. Herbalife’s bogus projected incomes mislead recruits about the potential income that they can earn by selling Herbalife product.

Using excessive fees and convoluted math, Herbalife reduces rank-and-file distributors’ income by 10 to 41 cents for every volume point they sell. Herbalife’s top distributors and Herbalife earn about half a million dollars a year.

9. H21 Nutritional Supplement

Herbalife’s products provide the body’s cells with all the nutrients they need in a low-calorie form, which allows them to perform at their best. Their products include a protein drink mix, tea concentrate, multivitamin complex, and more. They are also made using FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices, which means that the company follows sanitary and well-controlled processes.

Herbalife distributes its products through a network of independent distributors. The company claims to have millions customers worldwide and has been in operation since 1980.

Herbalife’s weight management products and nutritional supplements are backed by scientific research and have helped it gain a global reputation and a community of supporters. The company also offers a lucrative compensation plan. Distributors earn 1% of the total annual sales as bonus payments. This includes your first year as a Herbalife Member, which gives you an opportunity to become a millionaire instantly.

10. H21 Energy Drink

Herbalife products are backed by science and help people live healthier and more active lives. Its Formula 1 meal-replacement shakes, nutritional supplements and protein bars are available in 95 different countries. Its H24 range of sports nutrition helps athletes perform their best. Herbal Tea Concentrate, a refreshing drink which promotes metabolism, is also available.

Herbalife’s decision to exclude easily quantifiable costs of products from its profit projections is misleading, especially when top-level promoters make presentations that highlight the business opportunity. This omission confuses both potential distributors and consumers. It’s also not fair for Herbalife to hide additional fees from its distributors by layering on “Logistics” and “Pick up & Handling” charges. These fees further reduce a distributor’s earnings and make it more difficult to earn the top percentage of commission Herbalife advertises in its promotional material. The company renamed the fees in 2013, but economic damage still continues.